My name is Daniel keys and I am a fine art photographer living in London.

I feel my work is not only a reflection of myself but also of the UK. My work is often inspired by my direct surroundings, be that the people, the landscape or the politics of the time. I use photography to process these external influences on my own experience of life within the UK, past and present. I am greatly interested in the gender and class systems that still influence a lot of Britain’s culture and identity.

Aesthetically voyeurism plays a huge part in inspiring my tableau work; placing the audience into a voyeuristic position my aim is to encourage the fetishisation of looking in an attempt to confront the viewer, making them question their own relationship to the subject of the images and why they feel the way they do.

Veronica, Stratford, 2017. Concurrence.

I currently have 9 projects I am working on ranging from still life, social documentary, tableau and portraiture although this is a slow process as I only shoot using film and often only using daylight.

To view more of my work, or to enquire about purchasing, pleas contact me.